In 2018, Gray’s was commissioned to take on the challenge of pitting O’Neills International Sportswear right alongside its competitors. The core of this service was to entail the provision of comms and PR support, with the overall aim of elevating the company’s standing in the industry.


O’Neills has been in existence for more than a century and is firmly established as one of the most recognisable Irish brands globally. However, the company operates in an extremely competitive marketplace against brands that spend millions in advertising each year, let alone player endorsements and collaborations. With this in mind, it was clear to Gray’s that a combination of innovation, creativity and ingenuity was required to obtain results.


The constant innovation of the O’Neills team provided us with a platform to develop content on a daily basis while strategically identifying the opportunities that arose, dependent on the product or message.

One of the company’s biggest successes in recent years was the international launch of the Derry Girls range to much fanfare in 2019. The demand was extraordinary, with the sales target for the year reached within three weeks of launch.

During the pandemic, the renowned O’Neills innovation was evident once again as the company switched from manufacturing sportswear to making personal protective equipment. This creative and generous venture led to the awarding of the prestigious Platinum Level Innovator status from the Department for the Economy.

In addition, the company undertook collaborations with the Irish international cricket team, Championship-level soccer clubs, rugby league outfits, the entire GAA community as well as cooperation with partners in America and Australia.

Throughout all of the campaigns mentioned, Gray’s provided a multi-faceted range of support for O’Neills, including the management of communications and sponsorship agreements, content development, and digital and design support. This assistance enabled us to help O’Neills continue growing its presence on a global scale.

Our media engagement was extensive throughout our multi-year support for O’Neills. In a particularly successful span, the four-month period from March-July 2020 achieved AVE in excess of £4m for coverage from print to broadcast and social value, outlining the positive impact effective media and comms had on the brand at that time.

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