2021 marked the commencement of a year-long commemoration for Colmcille, a legendary figure in Irish history and one whose cultural significance shines through to this day. Gray’s were commissioned by Derry City and Strabane District Council and Donegal County Council to carry out extensive communications, web and design support for the festival, which celebrated 1500 years since the birth of the storied scholar.


Armed with a basic brief, our talented web and design teams set to work developing an imaginative parallax website that would do justice to the magnitude of the occasion. In addition to the layout and design of the site, a raft of copy and illustrations were required to help tell the story of the historic Donegal-born figure.


With the creative juices flowing, we were able to enhance the visitor experience to new levels by crafting a professionally produced video. Upon entry to the site, a sense of adventure is unquestionable as this magnificent piece containing shots of the stunning Northwest scenery begins to play, beautifully illustrating the historical tone of voice. Donegal voice actor Dorothy Duffy lends her voice to the clip, with a powerful synopsis as to why Colmcille 1500 matters.

A member of our comms team previously worked on a Colmcille project, and with this prior knowledge at our disposal, the research and writing required proved to be an invaluable part of the website. Important milestones from Colmcille’s life were quickly identified, and our marketing and design teams created a remarkable timeline complete with era-appropriate graphics.

The challenge of developing a website from scratch was one that was thoroughly enjoyable for the Gray’s team, and we were delighted with the positive feedback provided by both councils.

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