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Our dedicated team supports clients every step of the way – we offer a range of communications services including PR support, communication strategy and public affairs services.

We provide ongoing support to retained clients, as well as ad-hoc and project-based support.

Public Affairs

We engage directly on an ongoing basis with statutory bodies, government departments, politicians (Councillors, MLAs, MPs MEPs), business associations, charities, community groups and the media.

We monitor and track information on macro-economic policy issues, offering advice, guidance and lobbying on potential courses of action on our client’s behalf.

Public Relations Support

A strong PR support service plays a key role in an organisation’s overall brand strategy.

We have developed a strong rapport with a wide range of media publications at local, national and international level, both online and in print. We have successfully undertaken transatlantic communication support services for destination marketing organisations, corporate private sector companies and theatrical performances.

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