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How Gray’s full-service marketing agency adapted to hybrid working to help clients

For the past year and a half, work life as we used to know has been permanently altered. The COVID-19 pandemic that […]

5 time management tools and tips from a full-service marketing agency

At Gray’s, we use a combination of tools and follow a few simple practices to help our full-service marketing agency run smoothly. […]

Is your social media content providing value to your audience?

There is no arguing that a social media presence is becoming essential to building brand awareness and opening a dialogue with your […]

4 reasons digital marketing matters for your business

With technology rapidly advancing every year, digital marketing has become vitally important for millions of businesses around the world. Digitalisation is everywhere, […]

5 tips you should know for your business Instagram account

The popularity of Instagram has sky-rocketed and its potential for small and large businesses has no limits. However, with nearly 29 million users in […]

3 reasons journalists are the secret ingredient to the success of your full-service marketing agency

In previous editions of this blog, we discussed the advantages of hiring a full-service marketing agency. A fully integrated team experienced in […]

Learn 5 trends predicted for 2021 from a social media marketing agency

In the world of social media, we are constantly adapting to how our audiences are choosing to consume content. We are growing, […]

4 reasons media monitoring matters for Marketing and Communications agencies

Media monitoring is a principle that has been used by marketing and communications specialists for generations. It is mainly used as a […]

4 pillars to follow when creating a bespoke Content Marketing plan

Implementing a successful, impactful, and engaging content marketing strategy is no easy feat. However, with costs working out 62% cheaper than traditional marketing, […]

How Gray’s Marketing and Communications clients make headlines in 2021 with smart press releases

What is it about some ad campaigns that make them stick in the memory long after they’ve run their course? Imagery is […]

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