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Rebrand: When Is Rebranding Appropriate?

March 16, 2022

Branding gives meaning to a specific organisation, company, product or service. Your brand shapes the public’s thoughts and feelings of the public of said organisation, company, product or service in the mind of the consumer. There are a few ways that you will be able to tell when it’s appropriate to rebrand. This may be a question you grapple with for months or years. At Gray’s we have worked on countless rebrand projects. We’re skilled in distilling your core values, helping you shape a new future for your brand with communications, marketing and design. 

What is your position in the market?

Appropriate positioning in the market and differentiation from the competition are key considerations. If your product is differentiated, perhaps there’s an issue with packaging or distribution. Advertising can also help how you differentiate yourself from the competition. Gray’s runs many successful digital and outdoor campaigns that help shape the consumers perception of products, events and services.

Do your company values and vision align with your current brand?

You also want to ask yourself if your company values and vision align with your brand. If one of your values is innovation but your brand hasn’t been updated or changed for decades this might not reflect well in consumers eyes. There are many innovative marketing and design techniques that can be utilised. Perhaps you have been so busy scaling your business that no one has had the time or attention to look at your company values. This can lead to a mismatched brand, which would indicate an appropriate time to rebrand. 

Have you moved location, outgrown space or has your company or service changed?

Sometimes when you start out in business you think you are going one way, but the market takes you in a different direction. This can happen when consumers decide on certain products or services that they prefer over others, or perhaps the market dictates that you change your products’ ingredients or prices. You may have evolved from an on-the-go brand to a sit-in restaurant. Nothing has shifted business more as during the pandemic, with many companies forced to make unprecedented pivots.

There is no set time to rebrand. It’s a strategic decision that you and your team have to decide on. These are a few questions to ask yourself first, but you can always contact us at Gray’s and chat through your concerns or ideas. We have a team of skilled communications specialists, marketeers and graphic designers who can assist on your rebranding journey.

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