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International Women’s Day 2022 at Gray’s

March 8, 2022

Today is International Women’s Day, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of women’s equality and here at Gray’s we celebrate a world free from prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination.


Born and raised in Derry, Erin McMonagle enjoys travelling and exploring new places and cuisines from around the world. She is a passionate animal lover and has two dogs, Henry and Harry.

Her love of home interiors and fashion was fuelled by her time studying at Manchester Metropolitan University, where she received a BA Hons Degree in International Fashion Promotion. After three years studying the world of fashion and international market trends, Erin moved back home to Derry in 2018 once she had completed her course.

From an early age, Erin knew that marketing was something she was interested in as a potential career path. She was always fascinated by brainstorming and communicating original and unique ideas. Erin began working at Gray’s in January 2019, in what was her first job in the world of marketing. Erin says, “The experience I have gained from working at a marketing and communications agency has been amazing! Every day is different, and my skills are constantly expanding.”

Erin is a diligent, determined, and industrious individual who always has time for everyone and never seems burdened with the world. Her positivity is infectious and inspires those around her. 

Erin’s advice for others would be, “To always be yourself, push for more and take every chance and opportunity that comes your way!”


24-year-old Amy Cairns is a fitness enthusiast, enjoying strength and endurance training in her spare time. She is also a keen netballer and played at a considerably high level in her university days. Amy also enjoys studying fashion and photographic makeup – with a keen eye for detail, Amy can see the beauty and purpose in everything and can look at potential problems, see resolutions and solve issues effortlessly.

Previously, Amy studied Business and Marketing in Scotland for four years before returning to Northern Ireland to complete a Marketing Masters at Queens University, Belfast. Following her studies, Amy worked as an eCommerce Coordinator at a sports retailer and joined Gray’s as a Marketing Assistant earlier this year. Amy is a strong, confident individual who believes in her own abilities. She is not afraid of any challenges, and her ambition and determination will help her reach untold heights. 

Amy’s advice to others is, “Put yourself out there, no matter how intimidating it may be, because you don’t realise how much you can get just by showing others everything you’ve already accomplished”.


29-year-old Eimear Gillen went from the Northwest of Ireland to the Northeast of England to study Business with Marketing Management at Northumbria University. 

Eimear grew up with a strong work ethic and her background in Market Research and Software meant that she always had one finger on the pulse of new, innovative technology. She always carries that enthusiasm with her and is a strong, determined problem solver. 

Nothing daunts Eimear and her positive work ethic is infectious, and she consistently provides encouragement to her colleagues. She is an integral part of the Gray’s workforce where she works alongside like-minded creative individuals. Eimear leads from the front and is always a ready to take on whatever challenges which may lie in front of her.


Erin Smith was raised in a small town in southern Ontario, Canada. So, it’s not surprising she has a passion for the outdoors: hiking, camping, outdoor sports, fresh air – she enjoys them all! Erin also loves all things design, and her ability to create is second to none. Her passion and enthusiasm constantly shines through. 

Erin received a BA Hons Degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communications from LYIT, in combination with an advanced diploma from St. Lawrence College in Canada. She then returned to her homeland to continue her studies at St. Lawrence College, and subsequently received a postgraduate Marketing Certificate. 

Following her studies, Erin worked as a freelance Graphic Designer where her passion and appetite for information was never quenched. Those hours spent in the wild outdoors of Canada had instilled a strong will in Erin, and as a result nothing daunted her. With a hunger for knowledge Erin decided to extend her skillset even further by studying marketing, and she joined Gray’s in 2021 after combining her years of design experience and marketing skills. Erin is constantly adding more strings to her already impressive bow, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. 

Erin’s advice for others would be: “Don’t be afraid to switch gears, keep trying new things. All your past experiences play a role in the future you create for yourself.”

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