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4 New Year resolutions for your marketing plan in 2022

January 12, 2022

As we welcome 2022, it has long been a tradition to set out New Year resolutions at the beginning of each calendar year in the hope of improving ourselves over the next twelve months. For many of us who work in marketing & communications, striving to find new ways to service our clients in our working lives can feel like a minefield at times. But, having the adaptability to tailor our approach for our clients is key to any success we hope to have in the year ahead.

That’s why the team here at Gray’s have come up with a handy list of 4 New Year resolutions for your creative marketing agency in 2022 to help you navigate through the noise and help you achieve your marketing goals this year.

1. Putting the ‘social’ into your social media

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), From January to February 2020, 96% of households in Great Britain had internet access, up from 93% in 2019 and 57% in 2006 when comparable records began. As the number of people with access to the internet continues to grow, it’s only naturally that more and more people are engaging with social media.

 The Website Cybercrew estimates that there are currently a whopping 53 million active social media users in the UK, which is 77.9% of the UK population. With stats like these in mind, social media strategies better be at the forefront of any marketing campaign you plan to roll out this year. But simply having a social media campaign as part of any marketing strategy isn’t enough. We must be cognisant of the actual ‘social’ we put into our social media.

When social media is utilised properly it can help build our clients’ brands, grow their customer base, and help engage with audiences in a more meaningful way. So, start thinking creatively now about how to incorporate the right kind of social media into your marketing plans.

 Use relevant hashtags, create interactive content, respond to audiences in a meaningful way, do more live videos, and let social media users see the faces of the businesses they want to engage with. In short, put the ‘social’ into your social media.

2. Write better quality content

As Bill Gates once said: Content is king. That’s why this year, better quality content is number 2 on our list of New Year resolutions. Focus not just on the amount you write, but on the quality of your content.

Websites such as Google will rank pages based on user experience, but will also rank pages using existing search signals, meaning better quality content reigns supreme.

Look beyond the metrics and high-ranking keywords to push your content by focusing on
content that your audience is actually searching for. Make sure it’s optimised for SEO and relevant to the topic at hand certainly – But ultimately, writing content that connects with your intended audiences and helps build trust in your clients’ brands is paramount.

Ask yourself: Is your content marketing telling a story? Have a look at one of our previous blogs for more tips to help your clients stand out from their competitors.  

3. Variety is the spice of life

So said the English poet William Cowper. Now while he uttered these words in the late 18th century, they will certainly ring true for any keen marketer in 2022.

Audiences are constantly looking for engaging content, and what worked last year might not work in the year ahead. That’s why It’s important to engage with audiences in a variety of ways. Are you utilising a client’s website or social media channels in the best way? Is your content updated to reflect what’s happening currently? Are you using graphics, animations, and high-quality copy to catch and keep the attention of audiences?

AdEspresso by Hootsuite outlines a few other ways in which you can introduce variety to your campaigns, such as using blogs, infographics, and case studies to strengthen your content.

Remember the mantra: “Variety is the spice of life,” to stay on the right track for 2022.

This leads us nicely on to our last resolution…

4. Fear not of new strategies or trends this year

Once you have tightened up your content and followed the previous steps, you may be tempted to play it safe going forward and put 2022 on cruise control. But you must be wary of becoming stagnant. Marketing is at its best when it is constantly on the lookout for future opportunities.

We only have to look at the virtual overnight success of TikTok for inspiration. The way in which our clients’ audiences are consuming content is constantly evolving and now is no time to rest on our laurels.

We owe it to our clients to be brave enough to try new strategies and keep watching for new trends in 2022.

One trend that seems to be making waves is ‘fast-vertising.’ A term coined by Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds. Aside from starring in movies, Reynolds is also a founder of Maximum Effort, a marketing firm that takes a bold and hilarious approach to marketing.  

Whilst this new trend in marketing is just one example, we must be willing to track what else can be done, ultimately to serve our clients best.

To find out more about how the team at Gray’s can help you make it in 2022, get in touch today.

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