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How To Market Your Business With A Design Eye

December 14, 2021

Marketing your business correctly requires many different creative elements working in harmony together. These can range from your product, location, sales offering, communications, PR, and last but certainly not least, branding and design. Design and branding are crucial when it comes to business marketing as these are what your potential customers will see first. They will initially be greeted with colours, symbols, typography, and text. Consequently, your branding and design speaks volumes, even before you or your product can reinforce the intended messaging. For these reasons and others, having a design eye present is so important throughout the whole process of marketing your business. In this blog, we will share three simple ways to utilise a design eye to market your business.

Colour palette

Market your business with a cohesive colour palette 

By using the right colours and a cohesive colour palette, you can heighten the chances of eliciting an emotional reaction, which all good marketing material should aim for. Text has a vital place, but colours speak to people before copy. Our tip would be to use cohesive colours and not necessarily colours that ‘match’. Cohesive colours could be variations of your brand colours. If your logo is blue you may want to use white and black to offset the blue. You could then introduce different shades of blue and even a gradient. Keeping colours all working in harmony correctly requires looking at things with a keen design eye.

Market your business with photography that matches your brand

Photography can leave a lasting impact on one’s memory when used correctly. Taking advantage of high-quality imagery for social media, outdoor creative, and print that is cohesive and reflective of your brand is extremely valuable. Instead of taking photos on a smartphone leaving you unsure about the lighting or the editing, getting photographs professionally taken is the sensible option. Photographers are blessed with a design eye, and the photos will all turn out to be impactful to your marketing efforts. 

Market your business with effective typography

Using effective typography to market your business can make or break messaging and creative campaigns. It is imperative that this evokes the same feeling and standpoint that your brand does. Is your brand fun and playful, or is it more serious and minimalistic? Typography can radically evoke these sentiments, and many more. Having a design eye for type will prevent you from sending confusing, mixed messages to your audience. If your typography is chosen with a design eye in mind, then you can express a lot more than what is conveyed in your actual messaging. 

If you are having trouble with the design of your brand messaging or want to nail your messaging and design simultaneously, then never fear – Gray’s is here to help. You can get in touch with us here and send us a message whatever what your needs may be. Whether that’s design, marketing, or communications support, our experienced team will be ready to assist.

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