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5 top predicted trends for B2C marketing in 2022

December 2, 2021

2021 saw a plethora of changes and adaptations for businesses and their B2C marketing strategies. ‘The new normal’ is a phrase we have become accustomed to this year, as we realise our old ways of life are gone and a future of smarter choices is ahead. But what does the future hold for marketing B2C businesses in 2022?

51% of B2C marketers plan to increase their marketing budget in 2022 according to HubSpot’s State of Marketing Report. Their report surveyed 1,067 global marketing professionals to better understand what trends they plan to leverage in the coming year. The following article outlines the 5 top trends based on their report.

Valuable, digestible video content is ‘the new normal’

Short-form videos dominated social media in 2020. And as a result, platforms have adapted to give users the ability to make this type of content easily. TikTok was ranked the best place to go for unique, short-form content pre-COVID. But now, Instagram Reels and YouTube Short have hit the scene and are competing for the spotlight.

This ‘new normal’ is great for B2C marketing because short-form video reported the second-highest ROI in 2021. And although it was beaten by influencer marketing, it is the trend marketers plan to invest in the most in the coming year. Short-form video is easily digestible and often provides greater value to audiences, making it a key feature in social media today. Also, in case you haven’t heard social media takes the lead in marketing investments for B2C businesses.

This is likely due to the reported three key goals for B2C marketing in 2022. These include increasing brand awareness, advertising products, and increasing revenue. Social media is the perfect tool to accomplish any of those goals.

Influencer marketing is here to stay

According to HubSpot’s survey, 61% of B2C marketers plan to leverage influencer marketing in 2022. As we mentioned above, this method of marketing offered the best ROI in 2021. This can only mean that most B2C marketers have practiced and seen the value in this strategy.

But how will influencer marketing evolve? It’s natural for clients to want to hire the biggest and best influencer with the most followers for their campaign. But if the influencer doesn’t fit the product or service, they may not be interested, or even worse — you pay, and the ROI is poor. Some data suggests that those with under 100k followers, or ‘micro influencers’ who have similar interests may be more effective. It’s important to remember social listening when selecting an influencer. Start by looking at who your audiences primarily engage with!

Pick up the mic! (Don’t drop it)

There’s no denying that ‘video is king’ in content marketing, but that doesn’t mean audio content doesn’t have a place. With podcasts surging to prominence in recent years, B2C marketers are dabbling in the world of audio content. According to the credited survey, only 19.1% of marketers have included this type of content in their previous marketing plans. However, of those who did, 37.4% claimed it to be among their most effective trends. Roughly 43% of B2C marketers reported plans to increase their investments in podcasts as we move into 2022.

Social accountability & responsibility are on the rise

Following the various social justice issues that have gone viral in the past two years, consumers are demanding that brands take a stand on social media. In 2022, B2C marketers will have to meet that demand and connect with the ideals of consumers.

Trust is a lead contributing factor when it comes to consumer purchases, according to a 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer survey. Consumers need to know that the brands they invest and interact with are using their platforms for good. If you can earn consumers’ trust, you will develop brand loyalty.

Inbound marketing strategies are a staple

When considering the predicted trends above, it becomes clear that inbound marketing strategies will be imperative in 2022. Inbound marketing is all about meeting consumers where they are and pushing relevant messages that bring them to you. It’s about nurturing consumers on their buyer’s journey.

Are you prepared for what 2022 holds? It can be hard to navigate the unknown, and that’s why it’s important to have a team you can trust and rely on. At Gray’s Marketing and Communications Specialists, we work with a wide variety of industries in both the B2C and B2B markets. Contact us today so we can help you make the most of the new year.

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