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How Gray’s strategic event marketing increased international reach, following and engagement

November 17, 2021

Gray’s recently supported a client with event marketing and social media support for their large-scale festival. We provided creative assets for digital ads, broadcast, and out of home advertising. Our team wrote and produced an enticing launch video for social media platforms, as well as curated a thirty-second broadcast advert. We captured unique behind the scenes social media content of key performers and characters. And we captured exclusive live content during the three-day festival that managed international reach and engagement.

Market Research

Substantial research was conducted into previous years’ productions, local business engagements, city occupancy rates, press coverage, social media data, COVID-19 restrictions, as well as previous and current comparable events. This research was crucial to understanding the current environment, our audiences’ pain points, and to make informed decisions for content creation and community engagement.

Event Launch Video

Our team wrote a storyboard that captured the eccentric festivals background and conveyed the unique evolution and transformation that took place this year. The festival was bigger and better than ever, so we needed to showcase that in every way we could.

Filming took place over four nights and six locations. Gray’s worked with a local production team that uses-one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art equipment to capture haunting aerial footage. CGI was added to the footage to elevate the already unique perspectives, making them as enticing and memorable as possible.

Social Media

A wide variety of content was shared and published on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter such as: the launch video; business event call outs; travel and accommodation help; health and safety messaging; website and app promotion; programme and events information; local giveaways; social media take-overs; teasers and countdowns; as well as a plethora of live-on-location content.

Our social media efforts accomplished significant follower growth on all platforms we managed. We also achieved considerable international reach — our data reported 43 countries with engaged users.

Live on Location Content

During the event, Gray’s was on location each day capturing unique, insider-view content to share with our social media audiences on both Facebook and Instagram. Our top ‘Live’ post reach 165,000+ people, had 44,000+ engagements, and 1,800+ engagements.

Media Support

Our team also produced radio adverts and press releases as a part of our event management strategy. In addition, we managed to feed extensive even coverage on local radio and news outlets.

This event management and social media support project was a massive success across the board. We exceeded our goals and are happy to have provided our client with data that demonstrates the success of our strategies.

Event management and support takes a dedicated, integrated team to be successful. At Gray’s, we’re proud to be the only truly vertically integrated creative agency West of the Bann. Our structure ensures our capability to successfully service our clients’ projects, regardless of requirements or scale. Our team carefully considers every aspect of your marketing needs and implements a connected strategy from start to finish. If you have an event or need marketing support, contact us today.

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