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Is your digital marketing plan prepared to combat saturated online shopping this festive season?

November 4, 2021

No matter the size of your business, a solid digital marketing plan is imperative to standing out in the coming festive months. Whether you sell your product or service online or have exclusive in-store only sales to promote, your digital presence needs to compete. In this article we will outline some digital marketing techniques that could improve your brand awareness and sales.

Create new buyer personas

Having an online presence becomes increasingly important every year. But have you thought about how your online target audience has evolved over the last year? Maybe your audience is excited to be back in the shops in recent times as they love the experience of seeing their purchases in real life, instead of a screen. Or perhaps it’s the opposite: maybe they loved the variety and selection shopping online provided them. Be realistic, reference your data from last year and use that to make educated estimations on what your audience is looking for this year in a shopping experience. Consider their purchasing habits, motivations and challenges and pain points. You will then be equipped to cater to those needs in your promotions and dialogue.

Learn more about evaluating your target audience.­

Make memorable social media content

Create themed social media posts, get animated, and be memorable! One of the best ways to make memorable content is to provoke emotion. Speak to your audiences’ hearts, create relatable content, and try to be funny. There has been extensive data in both B2B and B2C industries that suggests humorous material is more memorable compared to non-humorous material. This is because humour pulls our minds out from the mundane. Professor Rod Martin, a humour and laughter expert, defines humour as “having social and interpersonal dimensions.” This means humour has evolved as a tool for social cohesion – i.e., bonding. Like a silly ice breaker exercise to make strangers feel comfortable, we can use humour to build a trusting, relatable bond with consumers.

Email marketing

If you don’t have an extensive email list, use the holiday season to work on building this. You can offer exclusive discounts or holiday shopping guides to obtain emails through your website. Once you have their email, consider sending out thoughtful thank you messages that explains your brand ethos, explaining why your brand is valuable and is deserving of loyalty.

If you have a list — use it! Send emails promoting time constrained sales to provide a sense of purchase-urgency. Promote your upcoming in-store only discount blowout. Email exclusive discount codes for VIP shoppers or to bring customers back onto your website. And don’t forget to make sure your email’s content has value to the person who is receiving it. Tailor your email marketing efforts to your different buyer personas.

Learn more about the do’s and don’ts of email marketing.­­­

Packaging and design

Far too often, packaging and/or design are afterthoughts for businesses selling a product or service. Use the holiday season to bump up an unboxing experience! Who doesn’t love it when they purchase a gift, and the object is so beautifully presented they don’t need to wrap it? Buy the nice boxes, add ribbon, and leave space for the consumer to add a name or note to the receiver.

You can also pump up the presentation of your service with some thoughtful design. Provide a creative card or digital receipt that outlines the service for the receiver. Add an envelope, get the cards embossed or add gold foil. Or take the receiver on a digital journey, send them a video to get them excited about what to expect from their gift.

It’s the little touches that make an experience.

If you’re looking to build a digital marketing plan for the upcoming season, there isn’t a second to waste! Here at Gray’s, we take the time to understand every aspect of your business and tailor a digital marketing plan to your unique needs. We also put ourselves in the mind of the consumer. We learn how to speak their language and think up creative, memorable campaigns that build long-lasting relationships. If you need finding your feet so you can make the most of this season, contact us today.

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