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5 Point Checklist to Prepare your Small Business for Black Friday

November 23, 2021

Black Friday weekend presents the opportunity to either make or break yearly sales targets, so it’s an occasion not to be missed, especially for small businesses.  

To help your team get in the holiday spirit and ensure that you’re ready for the busiest weekend of the year, the team at Gray’s have put together a last-minute Black Friday/Cyber Monday checklist.  

Enjoy, get ticking, and good luck! 

#1. Send out teaser information.  

If you haven’t already sent out a teaser email, let this be your reminder. It’s the most competitive time of the retail year, and customers will be on the hunt for deals early. Keep them engaged and let them know that something exciting is happening. A countdown through social platforms or an email on the Wednesday before Black Friday is a great rule of thumb for highlighting your involvement with the event.  

#2. Test, test, and test again.  

If successful, your Black Friday campaign should see your website traffic reaching all-time highs throughout the course of Cyber Weekend. It’s imperative that all hands are on deck at this stage, and servers should be given a once over to ensure they are equipped to handle the increased volumes of customers. After all, you don’t want technical issues to be the reason you miss out on sales.  

#3. Ensure your email marketing campaign is optimised.  

77% of email marketers agree that investing in Black Friday promotions provides a significant return. It’s an effective tool that, if utilised successfully, can encourage generous sales and traffic to your site.  

To get the most out of your campaign, here’s a few key tips:  

  • Test your email subject lines 

Think ahead! Why not use this year to set yourself up for upcoming promotions? A/B test your subject lines so that you go into next year knowing what works for your audience. 

  • Create urgency in your subject 

Cyber Weekend is congested as every retailer is fighting for customers’ attention. Put a time limit in your subjects, e.g., ‘One day only’ and/or ‘limited availability’ to encourage greater volumes of open rates.  

  • Set up automated emails 

With the UK having a 66% abandonment rate of their virtual shopping carts, configuring a follow-up email to reach those shoppers can elevate your Black Friday game to new heights.  

#4. Elevate your SEO strategy.

First impressions count, and in a race against your competitors, being visible through organic search can turbocharge your chances of turning 2021 into a success! Check out our mini checklist below:  

  • Add keywords into page titles and item descriptions 
  • Incorporate phrases such as “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday”, and “offers” or “deals” into page headers or links 
  • Ensure imagery titles are up to date and feature buzzwords 

#5. Be present across all channels.  

To optimise the ever-increasing Black Friday-Cyber Monday momentum, don’t solely rely on one single channel to get your offers and deals into the public domain. Customers are on the lookout for the perfect deals across social media, and they will also check search engines, blogs, and influencers. The more effective avenues that you can incorporate into your campaign, the better!  

At Gray’s, we understand that there isn’t a moment to spare for many businesses. That’s why we pride ourselves on becoming an extension of your team to reach goals together while maximising key dates across the retail year. Want to find out how we do this? Get in touch with the team today.  

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