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4 ways to improve your writing for comms and marketing

October 8, 2021

The importance of writing when it comes to the communications industry cannot be understated. There are many who overlook the keyboard in favour of communicating verbally, but you should never be in any doubt as to the value of writing. Writing in the comms industry is vastly different to writing novels or in newspapers, and it can take some time to adapt to this style. Multiskilled individuals with the ability to write in various styles are a valuable commodity, but even the most talented writers can always find ways to better themselves. This fact is outlined in detail in this intriguing article by Prezly. After all, they say the pen is mightier than the sword. Read on to discover some tips that could give your writing a sharper edge.

Less is (usually) more

We all know authors are adept at writing vast amounts, while journalists also have a tendency to write in large quantities, particularly when it comes to editorials or features. On the other hand, PR professionals are often required to stick to stringent word counts. Depending on the circumstances, press releases can be short and straight to the point much of the time. When these pieces are more concise, it makes reading and understanding the content that bit simpler. 

Say it aloud!

One of the most important elements of writing is checking your work. And we don’t just mean proofreading – sometimes sentences will make perfect sense until they’re read aloud. That’s when the biggest proportion of grammatical errors will be discovered. If a sentence doesn’t make sense when you say it, then chances are it needs to be slightly rewritten. No one wants to send off copy to editors or media outlets riddled with typos or errors. So, one last time for those in the back: say it aloud!

The importance of reading aloud what you’ve written can’t be understated!

Know your audience

Having the know-how to realise what works and what doesn’t for your audience is crucially important in the comms game. When pitching, make sure your email is personalised toward specific outlets, as many will spot generic mass pitches with ease. This will undoubtedly take up more of your time, but for very good reason. Getting inventive with your words can help create useful relationships moving forward. For more tips on how to navigate email etiquette, have a read of this recent blog post by Gray’s.

Never stop writing

You might have graduated with first class honours in creative writing or journalism, but that doesn’t mean you have mastered the art of writing – not by a long shot. Like anything in life, practice makes perfect. PR writing can be a niche subject, so the more press releases, copywriting and editing you do, the more skilful your writing will become in the long term. Experience is key, regardless of how much you may have learned previously.

Here at Gray’s Marketing and Comms Specialists, we have a talented and dedicated comms team with extensive backgrounds in writing. If superior copywriting and PR is what you’re looking for, get in touch today for a free consultation and find out how we can help achieve your goals.

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