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Why hiring a local integrated comms agency is better than outsourcing to major cities

September 15, 2021

These days, businesses are more inclined to approach integrated comms agencies to help solve their PR problems. This is opposed to agencies which only specialise in communications and public relations. But what truly makes a comms company integrated, and why is it more effective to hire locally based agencies? Read on to find out.

Integration in the workplace

Workplace collaboration and integration between departments is fast becoming the norm. It is more and more common for separate teams to engage on a day-to-day basis, rather than constantly working in silos. In the ever-evolving world of comms and marketing, this method of working has particular importance. It encourages seamless creativity and idea generation between the comms, marketing, and design functions of an agency. When these departments are separated, there is a clear and obvious limit on how teams communicate, thus impacting efficiency. Have a read about how Gray’s built a website from scratch for this year’s Colmcille 1500 celebrations. The project incorporated all our departments working in tandem to obtain an outstanding result.

Build brand profile & reach larger audiences

Having all these departments integrated makes it much easier to increase the profile of both the agency and its clients. When these functions are working collaboratively, a consistent message can be achieved that is much more beneficial for your business when it comes to catching the attention of potential customers. Think about it – the design department can create posters and graphics; the marketing function can come up with elaborate social media plans; and the comms unit can produce press releases and engage with media. Separately, they can be effective, but collectively? You’re most likely onto a winner. For more tips on how to reach larger audiences, have a read of some useful tips shared by Mailchimp.

The difference in keeping it local

Hiring an integrated comms agency locally, or at least from within the same region, is always the smarter choice. After all, it makes perfect sense to fulfil your comms, marketing, and design needs with a company that has specialist knowledge of the local scene socially, politically, and generally. When you outsource to major cities, there won’t be that same level of knowledge or care and finesse with the results. These firms often operate on a ‘revolving door’ basis. They attempt to wrap projects as quick as possible so that the next one can begin. At Gray’s, that certainly is not the case. We treat all our clients as if they are our only one and do our utmost to provide the highest standard of work in all departments.

Results are much more likely to be seamless when everything is integrated. Here at Gray’s, we like to ensure that our clients get the resources they need to solve their comms, marketing, and design needs under one roof. If you are ready to discuss how our integrated comms agency can boost your brand, contact us today for a free consultation.

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