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Why marketing agencies use UGC to attract more clients in the 21st century

June 8, 2021

Back in the day, if you were shopping around for a new product or service, the first thing you would do is ask your family and friends for recommendations. That’s something we still strive for today, it’s just our ways and means that have changed, a little.

Online reviews can be both the Holy Grail and the curse of companies. One minor misdemeanour can result in a serious slating seen by thousands of potential customers. While exemplary customer care may go unnoticed if the recipient hasn’t posted about it. You want to make sure your message of success is reaching as many people as possible and UGC is definitely the way to do that.

Customer testimonials

That’s where a marketing and comms company such as Gray’s can step in. We can help you tell your story, so that the whole world knows who you are, what you do and, most importantly, how good you are at it!

Customer testimonials are just one way we do this. Yes, those people you see on billboards and websites are real. They have happily shared their positive experience, often without incentive, so that others will know what to expect. It’s reassuring for people to see others like themselves – not actors or models or celebrities – who have made a decision to buy a certain product/service and given an honest account of what was involved. No one wants to make a mistake, especially a costly one, when making a new purchase. If the neighbour next door has endorsed a certain product or service, others feel safer doing the same which means more customers for your company.

At Gray’s, our team of experienced professionals can coax open and appreciative testimonials, giving you priceless UGC from which to pitch sales.

It also makes customers feel that they matter and are part of the community, where their voice is heard, a powerful tool that will promote customer loyalty.


Likewise, social media influencers are a big draw among certain demographics. Having your business endorsed by someone with a large following can make a big difference. Not only with potential reach but also with how your products are perceived and purchased. Social media stars are often ‘gifted’ products in return for a favourable mention. But, there is an understanding that they only feature items that they personally would choose and which represent the image they’re presenting.

Organic UGC

Businesses should also keep an eye out for organic UGC. This is content that your followers and appreciators have created. This can be a high-quality photograph, a video demonstration — anything that showcases your product without being asked to do so. Followers will often tag brands in their posts when featuring their products. Reaching out to the user and asking to use their content is a great way to build a relationship. It also provides you with free content!

Consumers are no longer passive. They want to play an active role and choose brands that reflect their beliefs and values.

Our marketing and communications team have their finger on the pulse. They know which people align best with our brands, making sure that any collaboration is mutually beneficial.

We can also come up with fun and creative ideas for you to engage with your customers. Finding ways to give them the opportunity to showcase your products and how they enhance their lives is crucial.

Best of all, you can use UGC throughout a marketing campaign, from start to finish, in print, website, or social media, so you can see huge returns for a small investment. Get in touch with us today to discuss how UGC can work for you.

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