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How does a social media marketing agency measure results in 2021?

June 2, 2021

Using your social media to promote your business is common practice these days. But do you know how to measure the success of your efforts? Is your social media marketing agency providing monthly reports that you understand and see value in? Are you utilising this data to drive growth? We’re going to break down some basics to help you navigate your data and make it work for your business.


Viewing insights from your business page will provide you with a plethora of data to consider. It’s important to look at your followers’ demographics and behavioural data. Compare this information to your perceived target audience. Is your content resonating with your envisioned target? Should adjustments be made in the content to communicate with your audience more efficiently? Should your target audience be adjusted based on success with unpredicted audiences?

Look at the listed genders, age range, locations (cities/countries), and online times. Analyse this information next to your personas. If you don’t have any existing personas, use this data to create some. This data-driven comparison should blatantly demonstrate if your content is resonating with your envisioned audience. For example, if your content is getting low engagement from existing followers, see where you can adjust communications or visuals to better suit their wants and expectations. Alternatively, if data is showing an unexpected but highly engaged demographic, create a new persona. Review your messaging and mould it to communicate with this unexpected audience. Or, if you’re seeing regular engagement and growth, congratulations! But remember to never stop experimenting in order to keep your followers entertained.

Engagement: likes, comments, shares & saves

Engagement is the term used to describe the number of interactions your content receives from users. When measuring social media success, engagement is arguably the most important of the three metrics. This is because it is the only component that demonstrates audience actions directly. Having your content appear on social feeds is one thing but inspiring a perspective to take action is another. Creating content that regularly receives engagement will take your brand’s “funnel of awareness” to the next level. You are much more likely to convert engagement regulars into viable sales leads.

Impressions vs. reach

These terms are commonly confused. Simply put, impressions are the number of times your content is displayed, and reach is the number of people who actually see your content.

An impression means that a piece of content was displayed on a viewer’s feed. Although, this doesn’t mean that they actually saw it on their never-ending scroll. Impressions are the measurement of display, not if it was clicked on or not.

Reach refers to the number of unique people who actually saw your content. This means they either fully engaged with your content or, at the very least, clicked on it.

Monthly reports

Social media reports are important because no social media marketing agency can guarantee a specific growth or engagement number. This is because once the content is posted, it is up to the users of social media to decide said content’s impending fate. This is especially true when a brand continues to experiment, as every brand should, in order to maintain an audiences’ attention.

These reports may not be as long-winded as you think. They should outline the short-term goals that were set for that month and allude to how those goals contribute to long-term goals. The report should include the raw ‘insight’ data with reflective notes. In many cases it is difficult to provide a specific explanation as to why content performed the way it did. However, based on prior experience, your social media marketing agency should provide highly educated assumptions. The report should also showcase both the top and lowest performing posts so you can identify similarities.

Next steps for social media marketing

If you’re just starting out or have recently taken on a social management position, check out this article to help you narrow in on your target audience and learn how to communicate with them.

Depending on the size of your business, the market saturation, and the niche of your audience, social media marketing may be a daunting task. But obtaining and utilising this kind of data is crucial for business growth. Gray’s Communications has extensive experience with social media management and content creation. Contact us today to find out how we can help with the day-to-day monitoring and make a real impact with your platforms.

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