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Why open and honest communications work best for your brand

May 11, 2021

Some people might think that being open and honest in PR is a contradiction in terms. After all, if you’ve got something to sell – a product, a service – you’re going to want to make it sound so desirable that customers or clients cannot refuse it.

Surely putting the best ‘spin’ on it is just common sense, isn’t it?

But when you sensationalise something to such an extent that the outcome is unattainable, you put yourself in the firing line and come in for a stream of criticism, leaving your reputation in tatters.

We all know how cutting social media posts can be. One bad review can have a detrimental impact on your entire business.


But it needn’t be so. When you have a quality product or service, your honesty can be your biggest attraction.

At Gray’s Communications, we love to get our creative juices flowing. We come up with imaginative campaigns to promote your company but you can trust us to keep it real. We never make false statements, we never exaggerate. We take the time to find out your USPs, your best features, your strengths and we sing them from the rooftops (literally, if you want us to!).


Trust is key. Trust between you and your customers. Trust between you and your comms firm. Our clients continue to avail of our services because they know we will be open and honest with them. We have our finger on the pulse of current trends and can advise whether we think something will work to your advantage or not.

Furthermore, our comms team have all worked in the media – print, broadcast and digital. We know the relevant people and we know how the system works which is why our placement record is so impressive. Again, trust. Journalists trust us to only send them stories which are newsworthy or of human interest. We don’t just try to flog them a free ad. They also know that we will have meticulously researched and fact-checked our press releases for accuracy.

These days it’s all too easy to be caught out, whether it’s a ‘little white lie’ or a great big whopper. A number of years ago, the car manufacturer Volkswagen made headlines due to an emissions scandal while social media ‘stars’ are often accused of photoshopping images.

Many politicians are all too often guilty of refusing to give a straight answer. If something isn’t denied outright, it immediately makes the public assume the opposite so best come clean at the earliest opportunity rather than letting suspicion linger on.


Honesty breeds credibility which is what people want. Whether it’s consumers or clients, they want to be able to search for your latest annual report, your most up-to-date figures or your views on ethical issues and find out the facts about your business in an easy-to-access way. They want to be able to put their trust in you.

The old way used to see businesses try to sweep anything ‘undesirable’ under the carpet. They feared any failure exposed their vulnerability. But these days people want to see companies ‘own’ their errors. It makes them more authentic and allows them the opportunity to amend any past mistakes and show people they are worthy of support and success, especially in social or environmental matters. Any attempts at a ‘cover-up’ are often regarded as bad as the original misdemeanour.

Gray’s Communications never shies away from the facts and believes an open and honest approach is the only way. Trust us, we know how to handle all your comms needs.

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