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Launch of City of Derry Airport’s new Liverpool route made better by Gray’s

May 25, 2021

City of Derry Airport’s new Loganair service to Liverpool John Lennon Airport required a boost of creative communications support. Luckily, Gray’s were on hand to provide the PR help needed to give City of Derry Airport and its new route the coverage it warranted.

These are the types of projects we thrive on. When we are given a task by a client, be it big or small, our standards never slip. We provide a consistently high level of content for the duration of any project we work on. Read on for an insight into how we got this particular aviation-based venture off the ground.

Pre-event preparations

Following the awarding of this tender to Gray’s, our communications team engaged directly with airport management. We learned exactly what tasks the client needed us to carry out for the launch event. This ranged from arranging photography and videography plans to developing multiple press releases.

Upon request from City of Derry Airport, we formulated two press releases for the launch of the Liverpool route. Local tourism was the target for the first, while the second highlighted the business benefits of this route. Ordinarily, one press release is sufficient – but we were happy to adapt to the client’s wishes.

An advantage the Gray’s comms team has for these types of projects is considerable local knowledge and contacts. Consequently, we were able to secure quotes from senior figures at Visit Derry, Londonderry Chamber of Commerce and Manufacturing NI prior to the new route’s launch.

Comms on the day

Ensuring that everything unfolds as the client desires on the day of any given event can be difficult to navigate. To ensure everything ran smoothly in this instance, the event was attended by our Communications and Marketing Manager. Her presence at the airport meant that she could personally oversee proceedings and provide direction for the photographer and videographer.

With the event in progress, further efforts were ongoing back at the Gray’s office. Our Communications and Marketing Executives were hard at work compiling a database of Liverpool-based publications and UK travel media outlets. The availability of this list meant that press releases and images could be sent to a wide variety of publications immediately after we were given the go ahead.

City of Derry Airport staff recreate the Beatles’ iconic Abbey Road photo.

Post-event responsibilities

When all was said and done and the plane had taken flight, several duties remained for Gray’s to close out. Our comms team needed to put together an extensive email pitch to include press releases and images addressed to all relevant media outlets within the regions.

Additionally, this was also the ideal time to pitch for radio placement. Our Communications Executive formerly worked for the BBC, and he was able to secure a BBC Radio Foyle interview for the airport’s Chief Executive Steve Frazer.

A project report is issued to the client a few days or weeks after the event. This document will usually include traction figures and proof of placement, which Gray’s can audit using sophisticated media monitoring software.

The launch of the new Liverpool route at City of Derry Airport was a flyaway success with extensive broadcast, print and online coverage, thanks to the PR expertise of Gray’s. If you need high level comms support for an event or project, get in touch today for a professional consultation.

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