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Why investing in communications support is key for companies in the 21st century

April 13, 2021

We all need good communication skills to succeed these days, but what additional skills can we offer you as communications specialists?

Communications is a fast-paced, exciting, and highly creative area of expertise and one which can transform a company’s fortunes.

At its heart is the ability to put across a client’s message clearly and concisely, orally or in print.

Working relationships

This requires a great deal of understanding between a communications professional and their client. Making excellent working relationships essential so that everyone is ‘on message’.

Indeed, building and maintaining good relations with a variety of stakeholders, including consumers, journalists, and other third-party organisations, as well as within a communications team itself, all combine to create successful outcomes for all concerned.

An internal comms team looks after all communications within an organisation, such as awareness campaigns, staff newsletters, company presentations and brand image.

Additionally or alternatively, external comms is available, where communication specialists work on behalf of an organisation. This could involve issuing press releases, responding to media queries, writing advertising scripts, running print campaigns or even organising events.

Business reputation

One of the most important aspects is protecting a client’s reputation.

Negative publicity is something companies want to avoid at all costs so crisis management is a vital component of the job.

Technology skills are essential to ensure a brand or product is being exposed on social media channels to its best advantage. Likewise, business awareness is vital to understand how businesses and communications professionals can work most effectively together.

Great comms professionals are super-organised in order to manage both their own and their clients’ schedules.


Being a communications specialist certainly does come with its share of challenges. As well as crisis management, they must ensure consistent messaging across all communications materials at all times. And are able to balance all of the different tasks involved.

In addition to these challenges, communications specialists are also sometimes called upon to handle problems within an organisation or with external third parties. They must ensure that they keep their cool while always representing the company in the best possible light.

Allocating for communications support in your marketing budget can provide you with peace of mind. When you work with Gray’s, no matter what predicament is thrown your way, our communications team will be there to navigate the right approach for your business.

It can be pressurised – but rewarding. At Gray’s, we offer a full communications service, either stand-alone or to complement our marketing provision. Get in touch to find out how we can help your company garner greater publicity and promote a positive message.

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