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How to effectively communicate that your business is Covid-19 safe

April 27, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an outrageously detrimental impact on the livelihoods of countless business owners and employees all around the world. For many it was, and still is, difficult to see where the positivity comes from when the authorities are imposing lockdown restrictions in order to curtail the spread of the deadly disease. However, as millions receive vaccines and governments cautiously begin to allow many non-essential businesses to resume trading, there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel.

So how can effective communication be used to bring consumers back to businesses after such a lengthy lockdown?

Reinforcing your Covid-19 safety measures

The first thing that businesses should bear in mind when reopening is the safety of those who come through their doors. Some, but not all, will understandably be anxious about returning. Businesses have a duty to ensure that those people are aware of the lengths gone to maximise customer safety. It is one thing putting the correct safety measures in place, but it is another thing entirely communicating that in the most effective manner.

A social media content plan should be one of your first considerations ahead of reopening. It is clearly important to proceed with your usual social media routine which may include competitions, special offers etc. However, now is the time to demonstrate how safe your premises will be in order to reassure customers. A walk-around video and pictures should also be included as proof of an efficient Covid-19 safety protocol.

External validation is always a strong message. Governments at local and national level have been busy creating innovative ways to reassure the public that establishments are doing all they can to curtail a rise in further cases. A strong example of this is Derry City and Strabane District Council’s Covid Reassurance campaign. This allows local businesses to apply for a Covid-19 Reassurance Mark, which successful applicants can display on their premises to boost customer confidence.

Additionally, Covid-19 Safety Guidelines have become essential for businesses and should be utilised heavily given the current circumstances. Do not underestimate how important these are. The wearing of facemasks (for those that can), provision of hand sanitisers and limits on store capacities are just a few of the measures that should be mentioned within these guidelines. It is crucial that everyone is aware of these rules before making their return to the premises.

Creative content to bring customers back

When safety information is present and accounted for, it is time to entice old and new customers to the business. It shouldn’t need to be all doom and gloom. Leverage your digital platforms to your advantage. Try running a competition or a promotion to get people engaging with your business in order to increase awareness. Have patience too – Rome wasn’t built in a day, so be consistent with social messaging rather than posting one-off content. Remember, digital engagement is a conversation with your audience. Good content is what will cut through the noise. Be methodical about your approach, don’t just scream at them with offers and discounts.

If you need advice or assistance to help instil confidence back in your business, help is at hand. Gray’s offer an extended suite of communications, marketing and design services. Get in touch today to find out if we can help make your business thrive post-lockdown.

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