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How to choose the right images for your brand communications in 2021

April 20, 2021

A picture says a thousand words – it’s a bit of a cliché, but only because it’s true!

Endless research and studies have shown that a powerful visual image can pack a punch and make your product or brand all the more memorable.

Whether it’s on a billboard or on social media, showing your clients and customers, both current and future, what you’re all about in a split second glance is the ultimate goal.

Instant images

In our fast-paced world, your brand communications need to be instantly recognisable and your values immediately identifiable.

Attention spans are said to be shorter and our willingness to engage on a time limit, but our brains are built to process images quickly.

Ironically, images ‘speak’ to us, emotionally. They resonate, make a connection, and can illustrate a lifestyle or ambition that we dream of.

Professional photography

With the advent of the camera phone, many feel that they are photographers. And phones are great for capturing candid, off-the-cuff moments. But a true professional can show you what’s below the surface to arouse your hopes, aspirations, emotions.

That’s why, as communications experts, we pore over our image options before we blog or post or issue a press release. We want the accompanying visual – a photograph, an illustration, a video, an animation – to be completely in sync with the message we want to convey.

The visual aid reinforces the message, searing it into the memory of all who view it. It’s a reference point for a company’s whole ethos.

We react quicker to – and retain for longer – the information filtered through an image. So it has to be absolutely right.

Avoiding negative images

Just think of the negative publicity when the wrong picture is chosen.

The United Nations fell foul of its own inclusive messaging when its image used on Valentine’s Day this year portrayed a lone black female, which led some to suggest discriminatory and derogatory stereotyping. The offending visual was eventually removed.

Contrast that with the United Colours of Benetton brand, one of the earliest exponents of racial and gender equality in advertising back in the 1990s and still championed by the company to their benefit today.

An international company has the maximum potential for an image to transcend over different languages and cultures. Making it crucial for larger brand communications to be carefully curated and strategically thought out.

Typographic visuals

Of course, an image may make the initial impact, but well-crafted words can give potential customers the whole picture. With the use of brand guidelines, you can apply a typographic style that gives your words life.

As communications specialists, the team at Gray’s can provide the full package. We advise on the right words and images for individual projects or as part of a full marketing communications service. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and aspirations.

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