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Why blogs are good for business

March 3, 2021

One of the most important elements of running any business is keeping current and potential customers up to date with the latest news and developments from your company or wider industry. And while you can tell some of the story on social media, it is extremely useful to drive traffic to your website where you can then paint the full picture.

A ‘latest news’ or ‘blog’ section on your site can help build a backlog of useful content. This space will give visitors a truer sense of what your business is about. If you don’t know where to start, below you’ll find some helpful tips on the type of content that works for millions of businesses around the world.

Give an in-depth description of your business

A lot of businesses have an ‘about us’ section on their sites, but quite often it gets severely underutilised with only a brief explanation of the work the business is involved in. This is obviously important content, but it’s also essential that people know the company’s roots. It’s the ideal place to talk about when the business was founded, where it started out, how many staff it employed then and how it has changed over the years. Providing this information gives people a tremendous insight into the company’s history. In many ways, it also allows them to relate. This can then be built upon by moulding the company’s own unique identity around its foundations – but of course, it is beneficial that people firstly know what the company stands for.

Publicise awards and positive PR stories

If your business has won any type of award, then chances are it’s on the right track. What’s just as important, however, is making people aware of your company’s special recognition. It’s always a premium opportunity to showcase what your business does best. A short article on your website coupled with a picture from the award ceremony is all that’s needed. Accompanied with a short post on social media including a link to the site. Never feel as if your business should be limiting itself to this though. You could also consider posting about charitable acts by the company and/or anything that can be considered positive public relations. Additionally, pieces like this can also be pitched to the press, particularly locally, for coverage – giving the business an extra boost in traction.

Highlight special occasions

It might be the first anniversary of your business being up and running, or maybe you’re expanding and are opening a new store or office, creating a number of jobs. Occasions like these provide a great opportunity to gain publicity on a large scale. However, when writing the article, it needs to be more than just the basics. Your followers should be given a detailed account of the circumstances behind the occasion. Tell the story. Describe what the business has been through to get to this point. And where you might aspire to be in the next few years.


It’s one thing telling people about the things your business does well but getting a member of the public to do it is almost always the better alternative. All that’s needed are a few simple lines about their positive experience dealing with the company. You should include a photo that can match the enthusiasm in their answers – preferably with the individual using a company product. Testimonials tend to do well on social media. They are a great way to publicise your business without coming across as boastful.

Meet the team

If you are looking to give your business a more human element, it’s always worth creating a ‘Meet the Team’ segment on your website. People can relate more to your company when they have the opportunity to see the faces involved, rather than the ‘faceless stranger’ approach that some businesses prefer. Simply include a picture of each team member alongside a short description of their roles. You can even include something that highlights their personalities. It might seem like an unnecessary step to some. But people are more likely to engage with your business when they can put faces to the brand.

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