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Marketing your business in 2021

March 9, 2021

COVID-19 has made some businesses cautious around their marketing approach in 2021, is this risky?

The answer is… absolutely!

Understandably businesses have more on their plate than ever. However, when your marketing is not right it is fundamentally the best way to make the battle of reopening even harder.


Businesses are all going to be competing for customers when the doors eventually reopen.

By engaging with your audience now, you are getting a jump on the inevitable madness that will follow the easing of restrictions.

Whilst we will all see an influx of trade in the initial stages, it’s important to understand that buying behaviour will eventually subside back to a more realistic level. All of the engagement you’ve formed with your customers during this window of opportunity will be critical to leveraging their newfound loyalty to your brand.

If you do not start focusing on a strong marketing approach based on attracting a new customer base to prop up your stable core audience, you will find it difficult to compete in 2021.

I can’t afford an agency

This is something we hear all of the time. It’s a myth. Gray’s have a range of options available to you that are much more cost effective than you think.

Similarly, if you are exploring outdoor or broadcast advertising, we have significant buying power. This means we can pass on savings to you which wouldn’t be possible if you bought directly from suppliers.

Businesses who say ‘they cannot afford agency costs’ are also undervaluing the key consideration in any business, time!

Whether it’s your own time or that of one of your employees you should not underestimate the opportunity cost of spending your time on marketing your business. It’s also unlikely to be your area of strength so you could be doing more harm than good.

Nobody buys outdoor anymore

This could not be more wrong.

‘Out of Home’ and broadcast advertising have both been huge successes over the last 12 months, read more here:

Outdoor advertising is consistently the strongest medium for increasing brand awareness whereas broadcast is a trusted source of information for consumers. When we were all scurrying for information in the early stages of COVID, broadcast media was the source. Some of the regional channels in particular did phenomenally well in increasing viewer numbers in the last year.

Out of Home advertising continues to represent great value for money and with the good weather (hopefully) just weeks away, now is the time to capitalise on people venturing back outside more regularly.

What should I do now?

A marketing agency can find solutions to your problems in places you may not even know exist.

Our professional marketing team have the ability to tell your story in a way that captivates your audience, leaving you to do what you do best. Why not get in touch with us today for a brand health check. We would be happy to make some recommendations to help support your reboot in to ‘the new normal’.

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