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Councils celebrate 1500 years of Colmcille with interactive website design

March 30, 2021

Gray’s were contracted by Derry City and Strabane District Council and Donegal County Council to build a website to help celebrate 1500 years of Colmcille, one of Ireland’s most famous sons. Here at Gray’s, we love website development projects that give us the autonomy to build based on a basic brief. The website successfully launched last week. Here’s a sneak peek to share with you some details that lead to this latest success story.

Website Design Challenges: Problems and solutions.

Imagery & Content Creation

One of the challenges we were first faced with was sourcing imagery. There are limited visual assets for a historical figure that is 1500 years old.

One of our Communications Executives previously worked on a Colmcille project and was able to use this experience to tell the story for a digital development project.

During our research, we were able to quickly identify important milestones and used this information to create cohesive graphics of era-appropriate figures. We also produced a video that provides visitors with a sense of journey when they first land on the page. It illustrates the historical tone of voice beautifully thanks to local Donegal voice actor Dorothy Duffy.

Engaging the Community

With COVID-19 restrictions potentially changing over the course of the coming year, we needed to provide followers with a way to stay up to date. We also wanted to create an opportunity for the community to engage with the site.

In order for followers to stay updated on listed events and receive news of new content, we created a newsletter sign up. This is a key consideration on all website builds, you have to provide opportunities for visitors to stay engaged.

Through the events section created using Tockify, we were able to provide a submit button for the community to provide details on their own Colmcille 1500 related events. Once a visitor submits their event, it goes to the client to be reviewed. If approved, it will be added to the site’s events directory. This solution also allows us to grow the events section and keep it current with new and exciting happenings. When marketing inclusive projects such as Colmcille 1500, it’s important that the community is included!

Updates and Edits

Not everyone knows the ins and outs of website design, that’s our job! And making edits or updates shouldn’t mean you have to. We needed to create some exterior outlets for team members to add content to the website without even touching the back end.

One way we achieved easy updates was by including a feature that allows @Colmcille1500‘s Instagram feed to appear in real-time on the website as a gallery. This way any time they post about an event or some interesting new content, it appears immediately. This is also a great way to entice visitors to follow their profile. The events feature is also a real-time integration. It automatically updates the events as soon as they are added to the council’s managed events calendar. These features save time and hassle!

Fast Website Turnaround

The initial discussions, gathering of assets, social media integrations, website skeleton build, creation of copy, video, and, illustrations took in total only a matter of days… Our team rose to the challenge and delivered!

Once we received client feedback and additional requested features we got straight to work.

The website includes a resource section to act as hub for educational content, trail guides, and to feature other Colmcille 1500 partnerships. As well as a kid’s section to feature some local talent.

Working with a number of clients on a large project can be difficult to marry everyone’s wants and needs. We’re happy we were able to find solutions and deliver an elegant website design for such a historic local year. Have a look for yourself!

Digital marketing is more important now than ever. Is your business or event getting the attention it deserves? Contact us today and schedule a consultation. We can help bring you to the forefront in 2021.

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