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The importance of in-depth communications research

February 23, 2021

When you hear the word ‘research’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Chances are you probably associate the term with education – after all, many of us suffered through painstaking nights revising for exams or delving into hundreds of academic sources to help put a dissertation or thesis together.

However, research is a skill used in many more walks of life than just academia. It is an essential part of many businesses, and whether you work in politics, law, accounting, or construction to name just a few, chances are you are accustomed to digging through reams of information in order to enhance whatever project you might be working on.

Benefits of In-Depth Research

Research is also beneficial for helping build a company’s brand. Analysing the methods which have helped others construct their own brand identities is an invaluable way of finding out what does and doesn’t work for your business. If there are other ways of enabling things to get done more efficiently while remaining unique, it’s a win-win situation for all concerned.

Responsive Research

It is important to note the benefits of research for businesses from both communications and marketing points of view. Having a strong communications team that can be proactive and reactive when it comes to the brand’s image should be an essential element of any business. Whether it’s positive or negative PR that needs to be responded to, the research and work put in by an experienced communications unit could make the difference in maintaining a positive commercial image.

Market Research

From the marketing side, research remains a useful tool for helping to retain current customers and attracting new ones. Particularly through investigating market trends and engaging in targeted marketing. It is very common for businesses to establish their day-to-day business routines on the information that can be obtained from these research methods. These could include carrying out surveys, asking for customer feedback, and monitoring social media activity. The result can culminate in businesses gaining a better understanding of their customers.

Research tends to be overlooked by some when developing communications plans, despite its importance. Reasons for this might include a lack of resources, costs and a perceived assumption that research isn’t as crucial an element as execution or evaluation. However, the best communicators know that knowledge is vital and is what’s needed to achieve positive results.

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