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February 16, 2021

Social media has developed into one of the most important inbound marketing tools businesses use to engage with their audiences. If you’re starting a new business or haven’t hopped onto the social media train yet with your existing brand, here’s a breakdown of how to get started.

Choosing A Platform

Not all platforms are created equal. When choosing what platforms your business should build a presence on, consider the following:

  1. Goals/Objectives: Are you aiming for mass-awareness or are you conversion-driven? Facebook and Instagram are the most widely used platforms and are the top competitors for conversion-driven content. Whereas Twitter is great for content with a focus on provoking conversation and has a popular retweet feature that allows content to gain more reach.
  2. Demographics: Is your audience on this channel? Do they engage with similar content here? Do some research on your target market. Sproutsocial has some great data for you to review and find out exactly where your audience is.
  3. Psychographics: Larger social networks have the opportunity for a wide range of interests, but some smaller platforms speak more to a niche collective. Instagram is notoriously a lifestyle platform. Its audiences are vast and have an abundance of interests. Twitter is favoured by a more mature audience and is popular with political figures and followers.

Only choose platforms that are worth your time and energy.

Post with Purpose

Create content you would want to see on your feed. Do not post just for the sake of posting every day. One well thought out post every couple of days shows you put time into your content and therefore it is more shareable and likely to get engagement. Social media platforms are saturated with your competition, so be bold and tell your story.

Here are six content starter points: products, employees, behind the scenes, ask a question, share an article/story, and celebrate a holiday.

Posting about your company’s employees or a behind the scenes view gives a brand a more personal touch and provokes a more emotional connection. It can show a relationship and passion that the audience can identify with. It’s important to prompt engagement, ask a question in your copy or utilise the question/survey features some platforms have.

Once you have chosen a channel, you should study your audience through social listening and learn to speak their language so your audience can relate to your brand’s voice.

Gray’s has an ever-growing knowledge of social media management. If your business needs professional assistance developing and launching a social media strategy, contact us for a free consultation.

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